Lee Baker


About Lee

Lee Baker has more than 40 years of collective sales and marketing experience, including business-to-business sales, church ministerial support, direct product sales for major companies and technical expertise gained in the HVAC industry. He has received multiple awards, including but not limited to top direct sales awards in the central United States region and top leader board business-to-business awards year after year.

For the past 20 years, Lee has spent working as a liaison marketplace minister with leading mega churches throughout the United States. In this role, he established, enhanced, and promoted hundreds of thousands of business leaders within their church and throughout the nation. In every business endeavor, Lee has continuously moved into positions of managerial and training roles. Over the years, he has launched several privately held small businesses, including being President of a marketing company for more than 10 years.

Lee’s focus has always been on conducting business with Christian values and principles so that every endeavor is done with integrity.