Russell Wolf

Director of Sales

Russell W. Wolf has more than 27 years of collective business experience, including insurance and financial services industries, crypto currency, the medical field, pharmaceutical, law enforcement, school administration, the travel industry and ministry. He is a serial entrepreneur having founded multiple companies, including but not limited to the Business of Champions with Baseball Hall of Fame’s Lou Brock and Endzone Financial, with Football Hall of Fame’s Bobby Bell. Russell has worked with the Kansas City Chiefs, Millrun Tours, the National Football League and Major League Baseball. 

Bobby Bell

Director of Promotions

The Hall of Famer, Bobby Bell, has won just about every possible football award there is, including being named to the National Football League’s (NFL) top 100 players over the last 100 years list. Bobby was the first Kansas City Chiefs player to be elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He was a two-time All-American Defensive End at the University of Minnesota, College Football’s Outland Trophy Winner, he was the third runner up for the Heisman Trophy and he played for the Kansas City Chiefs from 1963 – 1974. While playing for the Kansas City Chiefs, he simultaneously worked for General Motors in its labor relations division. During his amazing career, he led the Kansas City Chiefs to a Super Bowl I appearance and to a Super Bowl IV championship. Bobby garnered 26 career interceptions, returned six of those for touchdowns, ran back one onside kick for a touchdown and was selected six times to the AFL All-Star game. He was a three-time NFL Pro Bowl player, a member of the AFL’s All-Time team as well as a member of the NFL’s 1970’s All-Decade team.

Mike Wood

Vice President of Sales

Mike Wood has more than 39 years of collective business experience, in multiple industries, which include but are not limited to, medical sales, legal services, the banking industry, the travel industry, insurance and non-profit organizations. His clients have included Walmart, Sam’s Club, the Kansas City Chiefs, PepsiCo Inc, Coca-Cola Company, MedComp Science Laboratories, CardioDX, Atlas Genomics, WellPortals, Expedia, Priceline, Northwestern Bank and Michelin Tire. 

Steve Chandler

Director of Operations

Steve Chandler has more than 40 years of collective business experience, in multiple industries, which include but are not limited to, medical sales, medical technologies, molecular diagnostics, mobile health, consumer health, voluntary employee benefits, nonprofit fundraising, and travel industries. His clients have included the National Cancer Institute, American Diabetes Association, Atlas Genomics, MedComp Science Laboratories, WellPortals, CardioDX, Syapse, the Kansas City Chiefs, Wounded Warrior Project, and Michelin Tire. 

Joseph Cutler

Director of Information Technology

Joseph Cutler has more than 40 years of collective business experience, including information technology, national sales, marketing, public speaking, employee training and counseling experience. He is a website design and development expert, having created cutting-edge websites for a wide range of companies, including startups and established organizations.