Kent McLaughlin


About Kent

Kent McLaughlin has more than 30 years of collective business experience, in multiple industries, which include but are not limited to, distribution, financial planning, life insurance, sales, direct sales, marketing and public speaking. He is a serial entrepreneur having started and operated multiple businesses – his first at eighteen years old. 

Kent has amassed a diverse set of business expertise. He has been instrumental in growing a state-of-the-art distribution system of more than 350,000 work-from-home travel agents, has developed products for getting out of debt and has helped several companies with distribution strategies. He specializes in bringing new and innovative products to market. His strategic vision has produced products and services still in use today.

As a financial planner, Kent helped develop a product for teachers to help them get out of debt and to save for their retirement. These concepts are still used today by thousands of teachers across the United States.

In addition, Kent has helped grow the revenue of several companies. He has consistently produced billions of dollars in new sales and taught companies key new customer acquisition and business techniques. He is a well sought-after marketing consultant due to his proven track record of bottom-line production.

His philanthropic endeavors include working with young entrepreneurs to teach them about goal setting, motivation, and creative funding techniques. Kent sits on several advisory boards of key companies throughout the United States.