Jimmy Abston


About Jimmy

Jimmie Abston has more than 45 years of collective domestic and international business experience, in multiple industries, which include but are not limited to the entertainment, media, marketing, video production and television industries. He is a serial entrepreneur by nature, having founded or co-founded multiple companies.

Jimmie had a long career in the entertainment industry. He began as a song writer and producer for major musical groups that were on Billboard charts and performed nationally. In time, he became a television producer and director. As a producer, he created documentaries, television shows, infomercials, and instructional videos. During this process, he worked with well-known musicians, actors, and industry professionals.

After leaving the entertainment industry, Jimmie started his own video production studio in Michigan, which is called the Positive Image Network. He used his production studio to help many professionals get their start in the industry. His network’s mission, in part, allowed credentialed professionals and disadvantaged populations to practice and develop their craft and learn the industry. As a result, several people experienced a quality of life they never dreamed was possible.

Jimmie next leveraged his studio and marketing skills to co-create Tri-Tech Communications (TTC). TTC was a private entrepreneurial enterprise that provided second chance home phone services to disadvantaged populations and those with poor credit. TTC was an innovative combination of live production event experience, industry connections, name recognizable hosts and infomercials.

Jimmie launched- JNet Television and Radio channel in the first quarter of 2020.

J-Net Television will stream a variety of local video content including entertainment, informational programs, local events, and  Independent producers video content. J-Net TV also provides a marketing outlet for entrepreneurs and businesses.

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