Disinfecting Personal Protection Spray


Clyraguard Personal Protection Spray is a disinfectant and germicide intended to clean and decontaminate noncritical medical devices such as personal protective equipment and surfaces.

Clyraguard Personal Protection Spray may also be used to preclean critical medical devices prior to sterilization or overnight disinfection.

Apply the Clyraguard Personal Protection Spray directly onto mask or other Personal Protection Equipment until full coverage is achieved. No rinsing or dilution required.


Handling: Safe to skin*. Non-irritating, non-toxic, and non-sensitizing*. No special handling precautions required.

Warning: For external use only. Not for injection or ophthalmic use. If you have a known sensitivity to iodine do not use product.

Storage Conditions: Store at 1 5 - 30°C. Avoid excessive heat. Discard remaining solution 4 weeks after opening.
Disposal: No special disposal considerations are required.

Ingredients: Copper - iodine complex


  • Extremely High Antimicrobial Efficacy 99.999% kill rate
  • Safe / Non-irritating / Non-sensitizing / Non-toxic
  • Sustained Activity: 10 min to 3+ days
  • No Known Microbial Resistance
  • Clear / Colorless / Odorless
  • No Rinsing, Mixing or Dilution Required
  • Non-Staining
  • Anti-Inflammatory / Anti-Odor
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Effective Against Biofilm
  • Skin pH friendly