Developed by NASA


Airocide is the most technologically advanced air purifier on the market. Their mission was to make sure that the look complemented the performance. They have won an Edison award for their efforts, and customers tell us that their air purifiers are a perfect match for the modern home. But, the design is not just meant to look good. It is critical to making sure that their NASA developed technology gets just the right amount of air to be as efficient as possible. This name for this is the Coanda effect.

Each Airocide product has a fan that draws the air from your home into the unit. The air is slowly pushed across hollow glass tubes. These tubes are coated with what is called a catalyst. A catalyst is something that makes a chemical process easier. The name for this process is Photocatalytic Oxidation. It is safe, efficient, and has been proven to produce no harmful byproducts. This is the exact same process that NASA used as a VOC air purifier on the International Space Station.


Airocide is completely safe. So, safe it was used aboard a sealed space craft. In fact, the Airocide technology is cleared by the FDA as a Class 2 Medical Device. That means that it can be used in an operating room during a surgical procedure.

Filters are dirty, use a lot of power, and have to be changed every couple of months. Airocide is different. It is clean, uses very little power, and requires minimal maintenance. You only have to change the reaction chambers once per year. That is it. It takes thirty seconds, and many customers say it is easier than changing a printer cartridge.