Shield 88


SHIELD 88 is a patented water-based disinfectant.  This EPA registered product disinfects surfaces, killing viruses, bacteria, odor-causing bacteria, fungus, mold, and mildew.

Key Benefits

  • Effective against viruses & bacteria
  • Broad-spectrum disinfectant
  • Non-flammable
  • Simple, economic and easy to use
  • Works on a variety of materials and surfaces
  • Proven against H5N1, MRSA, Staphylococcus aureus,        and more
  • FAQ

    Is this a disinfectant or a protectant?

    This product is both, a water-based, EPA registered disinfectant and antimicrobial protectant.

    What is the dwell time? 

    To effectively disinfect, Shield88 (OS200D) needs to stay wet on the surface for 10 minutes.

    How does the OMNIShield antimicrobial portion of this product work? 

    The OMNIShield adheres the surface within 3 minutes, even when wet. Once the disinfectant sits for the recommended dwell time, it can be wiped up and the antimicrobial protection will remain on the surface.

    Does Shield 88 (OS200D) kill viruses? 

    Does your product have a target audience? Does it have benefits? Then you can and should explain those benefits to your target audience on a page like this.

    On the concentrate, how many oz are needed per gallon? 

    4 oz/gallon dilution ratio

    What is the proper application protocol for Shield88? 

    It is best to apply this product with an electrostatic sprayer, but another type of sprayer can be used if necessary: backpack, pump up, compressed air sprayers are ok.

    What competitive product is on the market? 

    This product is patented and doesn’t have a direct competitor. Others will have a disinfectant or a protectant, but this product is a 2-in-1 and only requires one step. It saves time, money and product.

    Where can this product be applied on all surfaces? 

    This product is good for non-porous surfaces. It should not be used on porous surfaces, windows or mirrors.

    Is there an odor associated with this product? 

    There is a slight odor of alcohol initially but no lasting odor with this product. In fact, this product will protect surfaces from odor-causing bacteria and reduce odors.

    How long does the antimicrobial remain on the surface? 

    It has been tested and remains on the surface for up to 88 days, hence the name Shield88. High touch surfaces might need to be coated more frequently.

    Is this product on the EPA N-list? 

    This has been submitted and we expect it to be added to the N-list by the end of August.