​Joanna Zona


About Joanna

Joanna Zona has more than 45 years of collective business experience, in multiple industries, which include but are not limited to, corporate training, managerial, sales, banking, retail, educational, direct sales and small business ownership.

Joanna possesses a diverse background of traditional business, secondary and adult education, coupled with more than 15 years in direct sales, corporate training, and indirect sales. In addition, she has more than 30 years of small business experience in the form of retail flower sales. She owned and operated 3-5 locations simultaneously with annual sales exceeding $600,000 (US).

In addition to being an owner/operator, Joanna was formerly an educator and department coordinator at Brush Sr. High School as well as Hershey Montessori High School. She served on a business advisory committee for district curriculum development and complete department revision of all business, general business, entrepreneurship, sales and marketing, personal finance, accounting, and economics classes. Also, she served as a community liaison for senior project student internships. Finally, she created and implemented a new class called the ethical millionaire.

Building on her diverse experience, Joanna has been a corporate trainer for almost two decades and has experience as a Forex trader as well as more than 6 years of retail banking experience.

It is this experience that led to her serving on three separate advisory boards. Her board duties included new market and product development, leadership training, systems development, marketing tools creation, facilitating business presentations, compensation planning and a plethora of other professional subjects.