DuroKleen is the world’s most advanced surface protection against harmful bacteria, odours, mould and virus.

DuroKleen is neither a cleaning product nor a conventional bleach, acid or alcohol-based poison. It is a modern, water-based and vastly improved surface protecting disinfectant that offers a superior performing, longer-lasting approach to the elimination and control of harmful pathogens. Safe to use and easy to apply, it emits no harmful fumes. DuroKleen’s unique properties makes it extremely versatile and able to utilised on many surfaces, in a number products and in many applications.

DuroKleen works by forming a bond with the molecular structure of treated surfaces. The bonding creates a dense field of microscopic, positively-charged chains of molecules that coat the treated surface. The positive charge and lipophilic tails of the molecular chains destroy offending microbes by way of a chemical and physical interaction that fatally weakens the outer layer of the net-negatively charged microbial cells. Leaving you with a safe, microbial free surface.


1. What quantity of Durokleen in liters is required to disinfect open spaces using Fogging or Misting?

1 litre of Durokleen covers 10 sq. meters of external surface area in open space e.g.: roads, public places, parks, tourist sites, school yards, hospital grounds etc.

2. What quantity of Durokleen in litres is required to disinfect inside spaces?

1 litre of Durokleen covers 50 sq. metres of internal surface area subject to furnishing e.g.: Offices, childcare, hospitals etc

3. How long does the Durokleen disinfectant protect once applied?

Durokleen technology creates a protective shield on all surfaces killing viruses and bacteria for up to 100 days with 99.99% effectiveness. The level of surface activity impacts the duration of how long the product remains bonded to the surface, but under lab testing conditions, it has been shown to last up to 100 days.

It is recommended to do independent testing based on the humidity of the region for the product, as the effective service life of the product can be influenced by environmental conditions.

4. What is the shelf life of the product?

Under Australian regulations, the products can be shelved up to 30 months. The shelve life can extend longer depending on the regulations of the country.

5. What is the recommended and the proven length of time for Durokleen applications?

Durokleen has been tested in laboratory conditions and can last up to 100 days.



The traditional approach to controlling microbes is to apply strong chemical disinfectants such as chlorine, formaldehyde or ammonia. These methods are problematic however, with toxic fumes and difficulties with bleaching and corrosion, etc. In addition, the effect of traditional disinfectants dissipates rapidly — in minutes or at most a few days. In these circumstances, microbes recover quickly and soon multiply back to unacceptable numbers. By contrast, Durokleen may be safely applied on both hard and soft surfaces; it emits no toxic fumes, is environmentally friendly yet kills microbes on contact, and it remains effective for up to 100 days


Durokleen forms a potent antimicrobial layer on surfaces you treat, electrostatically binding at a molecular level to form a stable, long-lasting barrier. The outside layers of microbial cells are made up of net negatively-charged lipid (fatty) molecules. The positively charged lipophilic tails of molecules that form the Durokleen coating destroy offending microbes by fatally interacting both physically and chemically with the outer layers of the microbial cells.


Durokleen is ideal for small and large-scale domestic and industrial applications where long-term antimicrobial control is the desired outcome. It is safe to use around humans and animals, presenting none of the respiratory and other problems inherent with the use of traditional disinfectants. Once applied, Durokleen provides continuous antimicrobial protection for up to 100 days.



DUROKLEEN KILLS MOULD AND BACTERIA, DESTROYS ODOUR — “My partner and I operate a dog grooming salon. We found that Durokleen completely eliminates the smell and mould around our animal crates and dog bath. Encouraged by this result, we now even use a solution of Durokleen to fix what we thought had been our incurably smelly old dog. It’s truly amazing stuff and we will certainly keep on using it.”

— G. Attard, Noosaville

DUROKLEEN IS EFFECTIVE, LONG-TERM MOULD PROTECTION — “We live in a high rainfall area and musty mould, especially around the bathroom and inside cupboards, has always been a problem. A single spray of Durokleen two months ago has killed off all that recurring, unsightly, sooty stuff around pipes, joins, crevices and walls, and it hasn't been back since. Durokleen really does do what it says it will.”

— J. Joyce, Mapleton

DUROKLEEN IS GREAT FOR LEATHER AND HORSES TOO — “We've been using Durokleen not only for keeping our tack and saddlery mould-free, but also for protecting the health of our valuable horses by spraying our stables, troughs and floats against all kinds bacterial and respiratory infections. Durokleen's long-lasting protection is saving us time, money and effort, and our animals are noticeably healthier too.”

— R. West, Dulong