Durokleen is a modern disinfectant that works in a completely different way from traditional chemicals like bleach, alcohol, formaldehyde and ammonia. In the first place, the disinfectant action of those traditional treatments is short-lived; from just minutes to (at most) 3 days. By contrast, environmentally friendly Durokleen creates a powerful Biostatic Barrier that provides long-term protection against harmful bacteria, fungi and algae that can last up to 100 days. This factor becomes especially significant when you take into account the time, human energy and cost of frequently repeating treatments using traditional chemicals.


DuroPax is a 2in1 cleaner, specially formulated for cleaning and protecting surfaces commonly seen in passenger spaces. Rid your environment of dirt, grime, bacteria and mold utilizing sophisticated DuroKleen technologies. This formula provides your passengers with protection from bacteria, algae, mold, fungi and other microbes for over 48 hours. It is also effective against airborne odors and virus.