David Hairabedian


About David

David Hairabedian has more than 30 years of collective business experience, in multiple industries, which include but are not limited to, import and export, PPE, business consulting, medical sales and public speaking. He is an author, of 12 books, a serial entrepreneur and has co-founded two non-profits to serve the world.

David is referred to by many as a CCO (Chief Connecting Officer), connecting people to people and transforming problems into solutions. It is his advanced relationship-building skills that have led to tremendous success in business.

Prior to the global pandemic, he regularly trained others in business skills, development, and how to recognize and utilize new technologies in the health and medical products space. In addition, David is the co-founder of TheZorb.com, a cutting-edge online EMF protection products company.

David regularly consulted businesses and trained employees to quickly recognize and develop their skills to strengthen and grow these enterprises. For more than five years, he helped expand the global footprint of a cutting-edge medical device company that collaborates with NASA and the NFL retirement association.

His philanthropic endeavors include co-founding two not-for-profit organizations – Virtual Church Media and Heart Prison Ministries. VirtualChurchMedia.com is an online platform that offered a TV broadcast reaching 100 million homes weekly for five years. In addition, he founded HeartPrisonMinistries.org, which provides Bibles and personal development books for at-risk youth and adults in more than 1,000 facilities nationwide.