Aeras Fog
Electrostatic Drone Technology and Backpack Sprayer


Aeras is a one of a kind disinfectant application process for large areas and venues that provides more coverage and better results than anything currently offered on the market. 

How does our technology work? The disinfectant particles are charged at a higher voltage than any other electrostatic technology available, allowing for more time for the positively charged disinfectant to seek and land on its grounded surfaces, providing more coverage. 

Our Electrostatic sprayers charge liquid, such as disinfectants, as they pass through the sprayer’s nozzle. This charges the disinfectant droplets allowing them to actively seek out grounded surfaces. They not only stick to these surfaces but wrap around it to coat all sides of them. 



Giving fans and players a piece of mind while saving the teams and organizations the time and money it takes to utilize handheld devices throughout the entire stadium/arena. Our electrostatic drones not only ensure the fullest coverage possible of any disinfectant, they are also able to cover a large amount of space in an extremely quick fashion. 


Our drone allows us to navigate the fields and the land from the sky. This modern methodology allows us to improve crop performance and farm efficiency in less time with zero tampering or contamination of soil and crops. By utilizing drone technology we can effectively identify and address problems that would not be visible from the ground level. Our drones have the ability to map the fields with satellite technology, delivering a product or solution to the fields either by spray or fog.


Whether a concert venue or outdoor shopping mall, we can help you keep your customers safe and have peace of mind by disinfecting large outdoor areas with efficiency. 


We can clean large warehouse spaces with ease putting the safety of your employees first. 


Yes. Cities. We are able to assist cities with the ease of our sanitizing methods of playgrounds, sidewalks, or any large community spaces. With our technology and our partners’ 90-day disinfectants we can help put communities at ease and lessen the burden of city workers at risk doing it by hand, as our drone pilots can disinfectant from afar.